York, U.K., 2012

Continuing with my travel observations from United Kingdom, I now stop in York for a few days.  Jumping ahead, let me tell you, York is the absolute best town in U.K. that I have visited — York has everything from small and cozy restaurants, to fashionable tourist traps, to history, to interesting people; not to mention a rather good University.

First, a reader inexperienced in U.K. travel will not immediately notice that there is an occasional ray of sunshine.  Matter of fact, my travel in York, Liverpool, and London was accompanied by an unusually good weather.

Here is my typical view from the train window (train system in U.K. is so-so but I have seen worse).

Sleeping quarters nearby the University are simple and elegant.  Rather cozy, too.

Interesting trash cans here.

The city seems a bit run down and, although we are less than a mile to downtown center, buildings and stores are not in their best condition.

The charm of an old European city.

Right inside the ancient walls regular people have their regular problems and everyday life — need to dry ugly blue pants and no less perfect tops.

We all like to sit on the wall that is over a thousand years old, drink beers, and throw empty cans right down to the ground.  I think this place has not changed since the Kings of old; the only difference is that the beer is much better now.

Litter can cleverly hidden in the wall.  So cleverly that I don’t think anyone notices it.

Navigation for tourists is rather unobtrusive and cleverly hidden while clearly visible.  Oh, also I bet this is far less expensive than putting up huge signs with arrows in bright orange.

This is definitely a great place to live [when the weather is nice].

Flowers are all over the place as well.  Impressively nice.

Ondrej and Veronica are my gracious hosts for this trip.  Feels like they just got married a few days ago but apparently it has been 10 years now…

Tribute to 150 Jews prosecuted here for their faith.

The York museum [not sure if that is a correct name].

I bet my grandpa bought icecream from this guy.

Well, here is the museum.  Very typical old European town and its history.

Ah, I had the same kit, growing up.  Umm… memories :-)

Weird talking figures projected onto the walls.  Clever.

Becky, apparently, was here.

The Brits sure like flowers; and on a sunny day like this they are especially nice.

The many street performers are trying to catch your attention with their ghost stories.  Of course, U.K. is full of ghosts.

And absolutely adorable dolls.

Oh, this one was strange.  Is that a real person?  I smoked a whole cigarette [~5 minutes] looking through this window and she did not move an inch.  I think there was a person in another window, a man, who appeared to be painting.  Is this a doll?  Is this a person posing for a painting?  Did not move, not at all.  Mesmerizing.

Typical trash, right on the street.

My final minutes in York.

Interesting bike storage system.  I wish I had a chance to see it function.

I think the breaks on the train wheels in US push onto the wheel directly (from top?) here we see breaks similar to a car.  I wonder which method is more efficient.

Great town.  I definitely need to come back here one day, spend a little more time.

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