Wilmington, Delaware

Well, this was a very interesting afternoon, most assuredly so.  A friend invited to me to Wilmington, Delaware.  “Wilmington?!”—I thought.  Actually, this be the one nearby city I have been… avoiding?… skipping?… never-making-to-for-no-reason?…

You know, you live right next to a big city, which considers itself your “suburb” and you never visit.  Every time I went camping somewhere in Delaware I always just blew past.  I do distinctly recall, once, I just had to pee really freaking bad and took a Wilmington exit.  Yeah, the only recollection I have in my memories about this particular map point is the relief that it offers to a weary traveler.  And, no, I didn’t piss on the fence, I found a Starbucks!!

So, she asked if I’d like to join her for lunch and after a fraction of a second hesitation I decided that I will follow-on with my plan to visit all the nearby cities.

Guess what?!  Wilmington is less than 30 miles from Philly, apparently.  I always thought it far, for some reason.  The drive is smooth, if you forget about the utter shit-quality of the roads—the cars move fast and there is ample space for me to maneuver in traffic.  Took me about 30 minutes to get there, but keep in mind that my cruising speed on a straight line is a 100mph or thereabouts.

For my first visit here, I chose [she chose] the awesome Iron Hill Brewery on the river walk.  Side note, their menu is quite deliciously yummy and the skinny and I paid $53 for a very nice and filling blinner [brunch, lunch, dinner] with a flight of their awesome beers.  I am definitely coming back!

It’s a BIG restaurant that can handle a few hundred.  Plus the brewery inside; apparently one of ten locations.  Most excellent.


The River Walk has a few non-working cranes.  I think this is butt-fucking-ugly and a testament to the once-thriving industry which is 30-40 years dead due to their own stupidity.  However, for some reason Wilmington thinks that this is good to display in all it’s dead glory.  Having written this, I remember the dinosaurs.  Those, too, roamed the earth and we admire their skeletons.  Perhaps the city officials are equating this crane to a Tyrannosaurus carcass and are so overly proud that prehistoric monsters roamed in Delaware…  Perhaps they had no better ideas…  Who knows…


Nevertheless, the river walk is lovely even on this gloomy day [it does clear up in a bit].  I have to soften the colors when editing these images; otherwise this would look too gloomy.


The landscape is reasonably neat, very clean, and, well, I admire this more than I do the over-manicured lawns on Philadelphia.


Looks like the Riverfront Wilmington was a recent addition to the city.  I like it here.


—Where y’all going?
—To the dinosaur, of course!


He’s got Lord Voldemort growing from the back of his head!  I suppose I found the Harry Potter tribute here ;-).
Side note: fucking Safari auto-corrected my spelling of “Lord Voldemort”… Apparently it’s used often-enough to be in my system’s default dictionary… wow!


Peaceful.  And the seemingly-eminent rain drove all the annoying tourists away so me and my friend have this to ourselves.


Look, this place is quite clean.  I mean, compare this to Schuylkill river in Philly, for example.  Yes, there are a few plastic bottles here and a beer can…  But in the same place here in Philly you’d have more bottles, more beer cans, and a dead body or two.  I like it here.  The lady warns me not to swim here.  Oh, yes, the Dupont plants are near.  There is more to this water than meets the eye, I am sure.


Lovely view of the city.


FINALLY!  I found some trash.  But it’s so neatly packaged…  I think someone just forgot it here rather than littered.  I’m liking this town more and more.


And their little boat.  Of course, the pedal thing is not functional but it looks cute when the boat is moving, I bet.  I like watching moving water and this, undoubtedly, will be mesmerizing for a few minutes.  I get bored with such things easily but even a few minutes would be more than I can ask for.  I want to ride this now!  Nah, not anymore.  I’m already bored of it and of writing about it.  Send me photos ;-).


The river walk.


Oh, look, a toy train!  I mean a real train made into a toy.  Awesome!


There were some hopping parties here in the past, I bet!  Apparently this spot was/is-being converted to children’s museum from some nightclubby setup.  Hmm.  Whoops, I must have missed some awesome raves here; or have I?


Nothing to sneeze at.  This city *has* a skyline.  I mean this is not Philly or New York but they have never pretended to be that.  I like this very much.  That and no-tax situation…  Perhaps we need to look into this for something.


Oh, yeah, the brewpub.  They’re for-real and all.


The neat apartment buildings scream of brand-new and expensive.  Thirty miles from Philly, this has got to be an interesting area for investment…


You can even move into this Lynden House birdhouse.  I mean you can, if you are a bird; in which case you are unlikely to be able to read this…  There, I made a joke.  Ha. Ha. Ha.  Sigh.


I didn’t break it!  Nobody saw me!  No, I think a really fat bird did it!  Yeah!


Interesting…  Looking at the cars here…  These people know something I don’t.  There are some expensive cars I see parked all over the place…  Wilmington, Delaware… Hmm…  I need to look into this further.


Every 1/4-mile there is a marker, reminding me that I’m walking.  Thanks.  First step to loosing weight is realizing that you are a fat-ass and, well, addressing that.  Going for a walk by the river is both splendid and healthy.  Just make sure to hit up the brew pub in the middle and you’re all set—burn 150 kcal and drink up 2,000 ;-).  LOL.  Nah, I’m just kidding with you.  You are amazing and wonderful.


Bottomline for me?  I think this is a great city that I have been overlooking for all these years.  I will definitely pay this place more visits in the future.  I’ve also noticed some interesting structures driving up here.  I will go for some walks in there and perhaps we need to do a Wilmington Skate so I can see the city with a GoPro :-)


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