Wilmington, DE: re-fresh/re-visit

I’ve been here in 2014 for a brief visit and I found this place to be most welcoming, Wilmington, Delaware.  Not too much had changed, no, but there is, apparently a lot of new construction here.  Lovely.  This town is starting to look more and more attractive. Three years had done their job and, in the case of Wilmington, the job is quite a fine one.

Firstly, I’ve experimented with some new toys to record a video as I am driving here. Th result it so-so (at best) but I think I’ve learned a few tricks.  I’d greatly appreciate your comments on the video, if you have any:

Parked by the Iron Hill Brewery, nothing had changed, really.

This place is the same.  Very nice place, mind you. But… alas… nothing new to report here.

It’s next to Joe’s.  I haven’t been to Joe’s in forever and my girl seems to like it, so, why not?!

There’s now a mini golf setup which I don’t remember from the last visit.

Lots of flowers.  Love it here.

The cargo loading thing adds so character, sure.  Lame, yeah, but it’s something different.

Found this rock in Philly and had to “hide” it here.

I was pleasantly surprised that the rock I found in Philly is from Cincinnati. Well, what a better place to hide it than Delaware?!

The Iron Hill Brewery is nice.  What’s even nicer here are the suburban prices.  I got a 22 oz craft been for $6.50.  Love it!

It’s definitely a family town here…

The water?  Yeah… Not so good…

But the rest of the place [if you ignore the river] is pretty nice.

Lovely views from that tower, I bet.

Nicely-groomed park here, too.

With a pop-up beer garden.

And LOTS of flowers, everywhere

Nice here…

See what I mean?

Cute here.

There is a water taxi here, too.

Love the separation of church (trash can) and state (useful water fountain)

Shit! There’s a drawbridge here, too.  WOW!

And there’s some brand new construction, too. A bunch of American-style mirror-houses.  Nice.

Love the tips here on the river-run-walk.  Make this a habit!

The geese don’t seem to mind the water quality here.

I suppose it’s OK for them, I suppose… I suppose…

Oh, yeah, tons of homeless people here.  I didn’t notice that last time but this time the change is rather clear…

Nevermind the homeless, the architecture it cute, at times.

The train station is, too, somehow charming.

Very typical of a train station but very different from the Philly central station, don’t you agree?

Speaking of homeless…

And the strong sculptures, too.

And the constant new construction.  Very abundant here: it’s a good thing.

The river-walk-run is gorgeous.

And you can play some games at the beer pop-up garden!

Lovely place, for sure!

I’ve re-newed my love for Wilmington, DE, and will definitely come back here in 2-5 years :)



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