Why no move in?

Perhaps there is some irony in this.  I am flying to the country that is was in economic decay for so many years, a country that could barely manage its vast population, from an airport in a dying city.  To China from Detroit.  Do you not see the irony here?  Well, I do.  But what I do not understand is the Why.  Why is Detroit, a gorgeous city, finding itself in this embarrassing position?  From the window seat I can see the trees and gardens, beautiful houses, near the city.  Take a look.  Why would you now want to live there?!  You can get these places for 1/2, nay, 1/3, Nay! 1/10th of the price you’d pay for the same in, say, Philadelphia suburbs.  From my friends I hear there are full houses, 3–4 bedroom places, are for sale in Detroit metro area for $7,000, $10,000…  Insane!  Just take a look at what I can see from my window and think about it.

Flying into Detroit here.


You see what I mean?  Everything is green!


Trees everywhere.



Look at the size of those lots?!  I think, in Philly, lots like this are reserved for million-dollar homes…


The airport ain’t half-bad, either.  Nice fountain next to the last-chance-for-decent-coffee.


Oh, yeah…  Sicklish trees all over the place.  I think these are actually real…  Real trees inside of the airport… Now whose bright fucking idea was this?!  I mean it must have been really great sometime ago when this was first installed…  But at this point in the game it is just, well, … ugly!


Does anyone besides myself even notice these?


This is already on the way back but the picture does not change (save for the rain).


Trees coming right up to the airport here.


You see, different angle but the reality is the same—Detroit is beautiful and needs to be revived.


Sun is setting at that means I am about to be home soon :-).



I think I am done with my travels for a while.  Well, I think there is Europe in there somewhere soon but I don’t want to think about this right now.  I have a whole weekend of laundry, cleaning, and getting over the jet lag ahead of me.  YAY! :-)

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