What happens at Rittenhouse, Philly

Rittenhouse park in Philadelphia seems to be the most crowded park in the city, at least on a beautiful and sunny day.  I’ve lived in Philly for a while and I skate/bike/run all over the place so I do get to see the parks rather often and, no, I always see more people by 18th and Walnut.  It never occurred to me to walk over here and focus on just taking the photos, strictly of the park’s attendants until I ran over an Instagram account of Jino Lee, a photographer currently living in Philly.  Jino has a project where he photographs Rittenhouse folks—very nice, take a look.  What’s the coolest thing?  Jino uses film!  B/W film!  Gosh, it’s been so long since I had to scan anything in…  I reached out to Jino and invited myself to go shooting with him.  Here’s the result.

This is typically what I’d photograph: empty street in a park.  I’d then go rumbling on and on about how I love the city and how the light reflects off things, etc.


Shaded areas are tetris’ed by inhabitants.  Yeah, the day was kind of warm :-)


My-style photo again.  I suppose breaking my tradition is hard—I need to practice this more.


I just really like how these lamps fit into the park so nicely.  It’s hard sometimes to design things well…


I’m not the type to just chill there and throw the ball around all day.  These guys were at it the whole time we were there.


This I could see myself doing :)—making all kinds of yoga poses with a book.  Although, I hardly ever cary a book with me anymore as everything is now on the iPad.


I wonder how long they will chill.  They’re not talking, either.  I suppose there is some charm in a comfortable silence, … I suppose…


Heeeeyyyaaaaa :-)


Lots of great-matching couples all over the place.  Very cool.  One day I might want to do this, too.


Toldja!—great-matching couples :-)


There is some law governing the distance between the relaxed grass-dwellers.  Self-assembled system going on here, I see.


Yep, and all the guys are looking at her.  And I think she knows that :-).


See, fixed distance between everyone.



Oh, somebody made a necklace or a headband out of flowers.  Cute.  Maybe a boy did this for a girl and she was so taken by the action that she forgot everything in a kiss.  Or maybe they had a huge fight about that later since she forgot the only present he’s ever given her…  Who knows such things…


Ah, the constant inflow of looks-like-may-be-homeless-or-not-who-knows people.


And, of course, my usual look of an office-by-the-park.


I’ve been watching this guy for a few years now and he is steadily getting better and better at his tricks.  I always wonder is he does this for a living now or this is just a fun project for a sunny Saturday.  Most likely the latter.  It’s just that seems like he’s there all day…


Well, I am very thankful to Jino for allowing me to come with and even sharing a few tricks with me.  I hear he’s moving to California so watch for him out there.  Good photographers with clever ideas are hard to come by (and these days everyone thinks they’re a photographer, even I do).

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