Washington, DC

This time around, the visit to DC was not out of the ordinary.  Oh, wait.  It was, I think.  I am rarely in DC not on business or on skates.  Matter of fact, I cannot recall when was the last time I was here not on either.  I think I was a kid.  I was very impressed.  VERY impressed.  I will definite be returning back and YOU should as well.

Just getting out of the train station, I saw the USDA.  I have a special connection to them this year and I love it.  Almost brought a tear to my eye.  Not really, but I figure I’d mention that.


There is something about DC…  So fucking cleanly amazingly just… disgustingly sterile…  But it’s cute, ain’t it?


The dildo is still there, pumping the sky.  Love it!


I especially loved the light on this one.  Two boys and a girl, following a stroller.  Something fatal about this.  I will never die since I have not yet reproduced.


This is so peaceful.  Keep in mind it’s pretty freaking cold outside.  But peaceful, no?


So, I have never actually been to the museums.  WOW!  I am flabbergasted.  These shitty photos do not do it any justice.  You need to go there and I need to return there with a real camera!


That’s a freaking drone.  A DRONE!  A-freaking-mazing!  I am so happy I am alive today and I am so jealous of the generations-to-come… they are the ones to experience shit way more fantastic than this.  This is a MUSEUM!!!  You hear me?!  Museum…  Imagine the insanities out there now?!


Speaking of “old”, this plane is not even 50 years behind us….  OK, maybe a little more, but FUCK!


LOL.  Check your car.  You have a medical kit?


And donations are always welcome.  But I love that there are… just look… I can identify my Mother Russian in there… You?


Just had to, right?


And the bathroom art.  My friend seemed to be especially fascinated by the ” DC graffiti is max sad”.  I loves it too, yeah!


Russian been poster at a pub.  How could I not?!


Oh, and the amazing China-town that I did not really get a chance to visit.  Me thinks DC has a huge much to offer.  I definitely need to return and the sooner the better.


Fuck Obama!  Abama?  LOL  Sigh.  ‘Merka…


Love the metro station.  It be amazingly awesome here.


Planning the next trip as you are reading this [depends on when you read this, I either got tickets already, or went already, or long dead and the robots analyzing this consider me possibly immortal].

Toodles.  C u in DC!

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