Want to see my garden?

My friend was nice-enough to take me on a tour of his “garden”. Just 10 kilometers outside of the city, just a few miles out of the way of the noisy traffic, crazy pedestrians, and overall insanity of a major city we find ourselves in a little haven of farmlands. I am instantly reminded of that place I used to call “home” so many years ago in Russia. Everything is green, everything is natural, and everything is quite apparently poor. The farmers are selling produce by the side of the road, asking for 10 Chinese Yen for a half-kilo of cherries, for example. That’s about a $1-some per pound or cherries collected from a tree just a few minutes ago—the old lady, the collector, is still standing right there by the side of the trays, resting before heading out to gather more. Keep in mind that we are within a stone’s throw of a major metropolitan city.

Clearly, China still has ways to go to get to the “status” it deserves. However, I can clearly see this land getting quickly taken over by the city. Summer homes, fountains, three-car-garages, … China is on an exponential rise and, at this point, only a very stupid mismanagement can lead it astray.

First thing I see is this windmill. “Is electricity expensive here?” “I don’t know”….  Different world, China is.  I think they are running a windmill not because they have expense but because they can.  Strange world, this new world is.


All this and more belongs to my friend and he calls this “my garden”…


Keep in mind, please, this is less than 5 miles from a major metropolitan city…


Awww.  When I was a kid we had a farm and we had the same dog [but bigger].  German Shepherds are the best farm-guarding dogs!  Very intelligent and super-friendly [to those they know].


Lovely “garden”, right?






Less than 5 miles from Dalian, a major metropolitan…  Can you imagine the price of this land near Philly?!


I almost ate this “blueberry”.  Yeah… Hate bugs!


These are better!  And they taste soooooooo goooooooood :-)


The second “guard” dog :-)


Other farmers are selling whatever is fresh now.  So tasty!


What is this?!


Ah!  We want two kilos of fruit.  Well, here you go.



I am overly impressed with Dalian’s farmlands.  Impressed enough to make a separate post of it.  When was the last time you had a chance to taste farm-fresh produce first-hand without driving more than X miles from the city?…

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