Technical guide on how to enjoy an afternoon at the @PHS Pop Up Garden

Let me, please, share with you a technical manual on how to enjoy an afternoon with your friend at a local beer garden in the wonderful city of Philadelphia.

All females crave ice cream, of course, and it is best you start the afternoon with a pint of it. Type doesn’t matter, as long as it’s cold and outside is sunny and hot. This is the key ingredient: ice cream!

Walk over to the @PHS pop up garden. Really freaking easy to find, if you know where to look.

If you stare at butts, pretend that you’re taking photos of the environment and act natural. It’s all good.

Forget the fact that everything here is waaaaaay-overpriced and just relax, it’s all good in the neighborhood.

Find a nice tree stump to sit on, in this very-dog-friendly environment. Side note: next time I’ll try to bring my cat here and see what happens…. just to keep my days full of bleeding scratches fun.

Make sure to continue purchasing $7 canned beers from a food truck ;-)

And, of course, don’t forget to strut your stuff! people are watching, you know.

Also, this is an excellent place to take your kids to for a good afternoon nap. Most excellent, really.

Here the trees are extra-extra green.

And the kids have ample play-time at the bar.

Zen environment, really. Just ignore the trash cans.

No, but the insane amount of greenery here is superb. And this time I’m not joking.

Cool chalk art, too.

Very enjoyable.  Just sit down and relax.

Oh, forgot to mention the cool stamp you get for being 21.  This is the biggest age-related advantage I can see in this place.  This, and being able to purchase beer.  That’s nice, too.

Don’t forget to look up.  There’s some enjoyment to be had there, too.

And, of course, attempt to admire being surrounded by flowers all over the place.  It is, indeed, quite nice to spend an afternoon getting drunk at @PHS.

Hope your afternoon was equally enjoyable and relaxing.  Don’t forget to smell the roses, so to speak.



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