Spring into Summer in Philly

Yesterday was perfect weather and a great day to walk around. Philadelphia is a very walker-friendly place and yesterday was definitely good for it. What is the purpose of this post? I hope I achieve a great success by this post if it only reminds you to go outside and have some fun.  Walk around, stare at some weird people, say Hello to a cute dog, etc. Whatever it is that you like about the great world out there, … it is still out there. I use camera to hide behind and it helps me to keep on walking and taking more photos. I stop when I run out of walking juice, not out of subjects (and I kind of miss not taking one more shot).

Left my place mid-day. Finally we are in the full-swing-Spring.

Of course, it’s impossible to walk around without ice cream, right?! Well, Rita’s is open :)

Even you can get a sofa to carry along with you, so don’t complain—we have a long walk ahead of us.

Everything is green again.  To the point that I caught myself thinking that I don’t remember what winter was like…

I am so thankful to all the people who plant flowers in their pods… makes my city so much more pleasurable to walk in. Thank you!

Even these little alcoves, these corners, … awesome!

Is this a warning for truck drivers?

Oh, WOW, look at the strawberries!

But I do notice a very excessive amount of trash here… I think the NSF Draft thing going on in Philly is badly affecting everything around.  I don’t like it but I don’t have to: I suppose the City is making some money off it…

I haven’t yet learned how to take good puddle reflection photos, but I keep trying :)

Nice plants :)

OK, back to reality.  Lots of green in the city.  Love it.

This door, too, reminded me about my affinity towards photographing doors.  I think I need to go on another one of those trips.


Kids are out and about, too.

The Rittenhouse park is almost completely back to full-green now.  Very nice.

I love just walking through the park and taking mental photos of everyone here.  This time, since I have my camera with me, I’ll take some actual shots, too.

The Goat seems to be a major attraction for kids under 5.  Why is that, I wonder?

I could go for a nap, too, but I am just at the beginning of the walk so I must press on.

These guys seem to have some kind of a plan…

And she’s just fishing… I mean, who wears long boots on a day like this?…

There’s a new business of photographing babies, I suppose.  Hey, why not?!

Oh, this girl… Gorgeous hair! Funniest thing, though, the wind had put a bunch of spring-related junk in her hair, the poor thing. I’m giggling and feeling a little bad about that :)

I took like a 100 photos, trying to catch the full wind-upskirt-accident… Well, this it the best one I got. Also I got this look from my girlfriend… Nothing a nice cookie can’t fix :)  Now I just need to figure out what to do to fix saying this… LOL

AHA!  We are getting closer to the NFL draft thing.

Amount of trash is increasing, too.  They’re using planters now. PEOPLE! This was supposed to be a flower… Sigh.


Chestnut Street…

Corporate trash is just so neat all the time :)

Tea, anyone?

Yeah… NFL

This is my kind of league…

Oh, yeah, and more trash…

I took 30-40 shots of this guy and he never, not once, stopped looking right at the camera.


Somehow today the number of homeless people had increased by 10-fold… I am pretty sure it’s not just me and, indeed, they are occupying the city.  I blame the draft. However, thinking about this… This means that the people who show up for the NFL thing give more to the homeless. Nice. Maybe I need to learn how to be as nice as these folk…

Just some regular people on the streets.

Some contrasts, too.

Oh, this guy I know.  He’s a regular :)

Parents sharing shopping experiences.

These boys were talking about them bitches that I took a photo of (just scroll up and look at the butts).

See what I mean?

Oh, oh course!

Ukrainians? Hmm.

Stylish :)

Stylish :)

Stylish :)

Oh my… Stylish :)

Chill.  The City Hall’s been converted to a money-making good-looking people-friendly attractive enterprise. Way to go!

I could not resist taking a photo of myself there :)

LOL.  I just yelled “WOW, LOOK AT THAT!!” and they turned and found something to look at and take photos of :)

This couple was hilarious! Too bad I didn’t record video…

Great place for kids.

I am trying to not collect any more junk so I didn’t pick this up… Bub I did find a toy head on the street.  I seem to find this too often. What is this?  Willie Wonka?

Of course, there are bunny shoes :) Just $100 at Macy’s :)

Water stops are nice.

And these guys didn’t drink enough water, for sure.

Look at the look on that dude’s face… :) Priceless!

That’s a lot of yellow…

Those fine ladies are truly enjoying the waiter’s attention.  I suppose they’re not from around here?

Cute :)

His socks and his underwear match………..



He must own a cat or something…

NFL people come as far as the Gayborhood?  Strange news to me…


Cute. New family moving in

Keeping the city calm.  Respect.

And the coffee shops are unaffected by the Draft :)

Neither are my skills of reflection photos. NFL draft has no effect on those…

Love it!  I’m gonna have a smoke, too

These guys…. I see them every-so-often… Often-enough for them to recognize me…  Hey, if you’re reading my blog, shoot me an email so I know what your name it, OK?

Is this what OBEY had evolved into?

These guys were making so much noise!  I like noise, but this is a lot of squeaking noise… Me no like

A cowboy

The chocolate man……. I’ll just leave my dirty comments to myself, I suppose.

And then this dude.  I mean my day just keeps getting better and better

Too much walking.  She’s tired of carrying watermelon we just bought (no, my hands are busy with the camera, thank g*d for that excuse!).  So we call it a day and Uber it home.

Wonderful Spring day in Philly.  Again, I hope this will motivate you to spend a little more time outside, where everything fun is happening with all the people and the colors and the smells and the short skirts and the everything else that makes Spring so lovely.

Cheers and see y’all somewhere in the park sometime soon :)


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