Spend a nice afternoon in New Hope, PA

This being a long weekend, we decided to do a bit of driving.  There are so many amazing options right outside of Philadelphia…!!! However, as was pointed out by my colleague, the Amish take Sundays off so there’s no point of driving up to the Lancaster area; instead, we went again to New Hope.  It’s a great little town that’s rapidly becoming nothing but a collection of expensive antiques stores and overpriced biker bars… Bars that allow smoking! Anyway, this is a great “default” place to visit when you have a fe hours to kill and want to browse stores where you’re unlikely to spend any money at: either too expensive or too useless or both.

Here’s the video mash-up of everything that happened to us in New Hope.

The Chair, of course, is the highlight of the trip.  I see this chair every time I come here.  Other things change, but the chair remains the absolute same.

There’s a nice toy train ride here. Fun for the kids, I guess.

Not sure about the safety of this ride… But perhaps that is its charm…

Lots of junk for sale here. Overpriced!

A lot of strange stuff. Some is biker-culture-related and some is just strange.  Perhaps if you live in a big house in New Jersey and have nothing but empty space… well… I don’t know.

The “river” here is very green.

This little town is definitely drowning in flowers in Summer. It’s also pretty nice in winter, just different kind of nice and not as flowery green.

I love the alleys here.

A lot of art galleries here.

And flowers! definitely lots of flowers.

The river is shallow but nice to look at. Makes you feel like you’re next to a massive body of water (even though it’s barely a foot deep).

The bridge shakes like crazy from the cars passing by, which adds to the charm and the experience.

Oh, and you get to let your balls hang in the nothingness between the state of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Lovely experience, indeed.

Jersey side is not as developed as the PA side but still very nice. Or maybe it’s very nice because it’s not as developed…

See the trash here? All coffee! Mostly Starbucks… That just has to tell you something…

Nice outdoor restaurants and plenty of them. Cool place to chill.

With the presence of a cathedral, this makes New Hope a City rather than just a small town.

A lot of coffee shops here. Maybe even more than bars and restaurants (though, I did not count).

And, again, a lot of flowers everywhere.

Wild strawberries, too—very nice.

Oh, we found a waterfall here. It’s on the Jersey side. Very cool.

Should be lovely to live here (for a week) with all the nicely-planted wildflowers.

And the ducks. Sure is lots of ducks here!

With an occasional cool sticker.

And with constantly crossing the border.

Oh, New Hope used to be tiny and small… but not no more! Looks like corporate restaurants are moving on right in. There is some new construction and it’s looking grande. As in Fridays or McDonalds or one of those… yep, this town is gonna go to shit real soon.

Well, we still got some time to enjoy the pre-corporate environments.

And the book stores: at least a couple still survive here.

It’s just a nice place to walk around in.

Oh, there is even fish in the river. The fish is too huge to have occurred there by magic. I think restaurants just keep this body of water as a place to store fish before serving it for dinner.

Hilly and lovely streets.

Oh, and I did mention that many of the bars here still allow smoking?  It’s pretty awesome (even though I don’t really smoke anymore).

Many interesting bikes here, too. This is a biker town, for sure!

Few crafts stores still survive. Come get your wood on!

Interesting color choice. Not my number one but not my number last, either.

River is even greener here…

Lovely place, indeed.

Last stop is the Triumph Brewing Company here—the real reason I came here (yes, honey, I love shopping in antique stores!).  I sample all beers and fill the growlers I brought with me. #1 and #6 for me, this time.

Hope you had a wonderful afternoon as well. Maybe even we passed each other at New Hope without noticing?

Cheers and see you soon.


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