Some airports…

This is got to be the busiest airport I have ever been to… and the smells are nothing like I have ever smelled.  This was a very interesting experience.  Not to mention that my flight out was delayed by six hour; six of which I’ve spent standing, trying not to fall asleep, in a crowd of a few hundred likeminded individuals.  Chinese push and get *through* you, not around you; and they never “politely wait” but plunge right into the direction they are pulled into by the announcements.  Keep in mind that those intercom messages are in Chinese and I understand not a word.  Oh, but there is an Engrish version which is just that… ENGRISH.  I no understand nothing.  I just watch the crowd of people who are waiting for the same flight and watch them move to a different gate so I do as well; and then again yet another gate…  So do I.  The airport security passes out water in plastic cups but I know better than that!  Make me wait?  OK!  Poison me while you’re at it?  No, thank you.

I do manage a few minutes outside for a smoke.  Had I known it’s a 6-hour delay I’d stay here longer, never mind the stuffy air and overly high number of pushy people.


Same as in Japan, the ashtrays are huge and have water inside.  Nice!


Yeah, this is the crowd I’m talking about.  All of us are waiting for the same flight.  I took this photo about 3 hours into the wait—most people are just waiting patiently, standing, some are sitting down.  It’s a first-grab-first-there mentality.  You’re 100 years old? Ah, fuck you!  I got here first!  LOL


Yes, I think the Beijing airport, for me, has the claim of the worst-managed airport I have been to.  Just fucking terrible.  Alas, such are the hurdles we need to overcome and I will know better next time.  Bring a flask or something.  Get a drink.  Nope, I am stone-cold-sober, enduring 6 hours of standing without knowing how long I have to stand for.  And, just as I am about to give up and just lay down for a nap on the floor [not the 12-hour time difference] they call for us to pile into the busses.  AHA!  Well, wait 45 more minutes and we’re good.

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