Seoul, South Korea (Asia, 2015)

I didn’t *really* leave the airport(s), just moved from one to the other one. But it’s pretty awesome here and I definitely want to visit Korea again and spend some significant time in Seoul. This is my first time in Korea but I think I would actually love it here. In my initial view, a short, barely-three-day-long observation of this place, I think this is a fusion of China (which I love) and Japan (which I love in a different way but more). I just spent one night here, barely any photos and a short video but the content in my head is a bit different and that is what I will remember—Korea is a very interesting country, worth a prolonged visit.

Heading airport-to-airport and, of course, the smoking room :-)

I like the Korean Air jets—very easy to recognize.


I usually don’t take photos from the airplane window… don’t know why… but I like this one, you can see how close the living quarters are to the airport.


Pretty cool island albeit the crappy weather.


Nice weather, higher up there :-)


Seoul, on top.  Notice all the green roofs?  What’s up with that?!


See, see, see?




Yawn.  Almost to the destination.


Just have some time for a coffee (and I DO eat sweets when I travel, just not at home for some reason).


Alright.  On to the next adventure :-)

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