Relax, on a weekend, in one of the top must-visit small towns of Philadelphia area

There is a wonderful little town nearby Philadelphia (just a 40-mile drive) that I visit every-so-often (here’s last year’s report). Usually it is a relaxing and chill place to get a coffee and a pint of beer and watch New Jersey folk do their thing.

Today the weather was just too nice! so everyone and their mother-in-law came out for a visit: traffic was bad trying to park there and there were at least a 100 billion people on the streets (or so it felt like).

Anyway.  Spring greeted us right outside of the parking lot.

The green patches are starting to fill in, just teasing us with what is about to come.

If you own a bike, you already know about this place, for sure.  But if you don’t own one and you’re thinking about hanging with the biker crowd… come hither, water’s warm.

So many friendly faces!  Bikers are just my kinda folk.

This is New Hope in a nutshell. Yep.

And this.

And definitely this.  Lovely place, told’ja

Relax at a coffee shop (and, please, overlook the fact that it is a Starbucks, thanks).

Take a stroll on the bridge here.  This time around there were waaaay too many insects so we ran away as fast as we could.

Not this dude!  He’s standing next to a trash can with his dog, covered by flies and mosquitos, but standing tall!  So tall he looks like I photoshopped him in there…

It’s a beautiful little town.

Get some frozen yogurt while you’re at it.

I’m in love with the solution to place this mini fridge here.  Lovely.

Like I said, nothing but friendly faces here.

This is suburbia, don’t forget.

Yep.  Suburbia all the way.

Great place to take your significant other for a walk.

A walk towards a pub, but of course.

Where you can get a growler for yourself.  Did I mention I am absolutely in love with Triumph Brewing Company?  I do miss them there on 2nd and Chestnut (or was it Walnut? no matter, they’re gone). Just a $20 ($15 refill) gets you a half-gallon of great beer.  Can’t beat that!

Hey, man?! What the fuck did you do with that high-power heat gun and soon-to-be-mine beer bottle?!?!

Aaaaaahhhhhh…. They use the heat gun to seal the growlers so I don’t spill it in my car…!!  How nice of you, thank you.

Of course, we have to stop by The Pile with The Boobs on out way out.  Splendid

Lovely here, I’ll miss it till the next time we come back.

Love you, fleeting weekend!



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