Portland, OR

Spent a day in Portland, OR.  Note, I went there in July and it’s December now, I know.  I’m just using the holiday time to catch up with posting. Anyway, I recall thinking this is a really gorgeous place to visit and must be a superb city to live in.  Can’t say anything about the cost of living here since I was here for just one day and only went to one restaurant; BUT, the place is very clean, people are polite and courteous, etc etc.  I need to visit here for a week to get to know the city.  It also looks t one very skatable so next time I’m bringing my inlines with me.

Video mashup of my trip:

Hotel is awesome.  I think this might be the best hotel I have stayed in within the continental United States.  Here, I found it!  It’s called Hotel Eastlund.  I definitely highly recommend it. Very art-filled place.

Portland-2015 (1 of 13)

With nice view of Portland’s smallish downtown.

Portland-2015 (2 of 13)

Portland-2015 (3 of 13)

The hallways are awesomely black-and-white.

Portland-2015 (4 of 13)

Look at how they did the floor numbers?!  Right in the mirror.  Very impressive.

Portland-2015 (5 of 13)

Portland-2015 (6 of 13)

Portland-2015 (7 of 13)

The upstairs bar / restaurant is filled with the local hipster crowd. Ah, I wish I had some time here!

Portland-2015 (8 of 13)

And, at least in this restaurant, there is microbrew culture here that rivals ours.

Portland-2015 (9 of 13)

Feckin beer.

Portland-2015 (10 of 13)

2015… Twenty fifteen! And they have models with a cig. Respect!

Portland-2015 (11 of 13)

The conference center is also rather impressive.

Portland-2015 (12 of 13)

As is the airport.

Portland-2015 (13 of 13)

Very nice city.  I definitely need to come back here very soon.


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