Philly is decorating for Halloween… is this the best we can do??!!

So, I hear this Halloween is the time of the year when everyone decorates their house… Knowing that, and having a few hours to spare, I decided to photowalk this whole Halloween thing. I needed to think for a while, so I headed to West Philly, then back and off to Center city. My, what a difference!

West Philly

I start from 24th and South, if you know where that is, and head towards the Universities. I expect to find a lot of decorating going on…

First signs of the real Fall, toward the end of the official Fall…

Flowers are still in full bloom!

Somehow I love these furry things. Maybe even more than I like flowers.  I cannot explain why; I just do.

And I absolutely love this new corporate trend to plant “shrubbery” rather than your typical flower nonsense.

Well, OK, fine, I do like occasional flowers, too. Definitely, please.

I’ve walked for about 15 minutes and NOTHING shows Halloween yet…

Of course, there is a photoshoot for new students. YAY

AHA! The first sighting!

There’s a little something on the Penn campus.

Kinda lazy half-assed job there, buddy.


Yeah… No too much effort there, either.

The building are gorgeous, true. But the splendor of Halloween is, perhaps, all about sexy angels around here… [note, while there were some sexy angels around, this photowalk is about buildings; the people one is coming]

Side note: I fucking love the doors on Penn campus!  Some real jewels here.

Beautiful day today. Had I had a boat… oh if only I had a boat… Well, I’d probably be cursing while fixing it… :)

Center City

OK, back in Center City. This is as Halloween as I can master so-far: orange hydrant. Yep.

Thank fucking g*d! A pumpkin, finally.

Broken, but I’ll take it! First pumpkin sighting!!

Here we go!!

Oh, yeah, baby, yeah!


This. Is. Awesome!

Look at that pumpkin in the window!


Yep yep.

No pumpkin there, but check out the window-cat?! Priceless!

This is what I’m walking about! Right there, baby, don’t stop!


Yeah, put some of that fake spider webs right there. Oh yeah!

This weather… 70s during the day… Not so good for the survival of the carved ones. Alas

Um. Creative?

Look at the fly?! It know….

There’s some magic fairy dust on the ground. Very sparkly (sucks that the camera didn’t pick that up).

Kids love it, for sure!

And what’s not to love!

Especially when you have electricity :)

Was this tradition of just piling up pumpkins always there? Or is this something new?

Nevermind it, just put out the trash! Yeah, next to the pumpkins, honey, thanks




Like very cute! This had better be a 3-year-old’s work there…. betcha it’s not ;-)

WTF?! This building used to be a major Halloween center?!

Right there, they’d always draw a dragon… what happened?

I love this… pumpkin?

OK, I tried.

These guys take it a bit overboard, but I love it.

Hmm… This building, too… I remember it all being covered up in giant spiders and all… Where?!

I say: either do nothing at all or go all out; don’t half-ass it, please! Not like this…

Yeah… The fuck??

At least these guys hung something out on their tree…

These guys even put a talking witch there…..

And some creative pumpkins, too.

OK, let’s not forget our corporate folks who remember to abide with the season by the appropriately-colored plants. Oh-so-very-nice-thank-you.

Well, that’s it. The evening continued, but the camera clicking stopped.

Hope you have wonderful holidays!


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