Moonset and sunrise in Kiev

So, I  am still jet-lagged and can’t sleep in the morning.  Woke up at around 5:30am and, since I could think of nothing better to do, I set my cam on a balcony railing to do a quick timelapse of moon going down on the horizon.  I blame my poor Engrish for the funny I made for myself now.

I realized in about an hour that the camera is shooting pretty much nothing so shifted it over to the other side [the camera is now straight, everything is going up, like the sun].

Extremely elaborate camera setup.  Took me five years to learn this technique.


Now, a bit of tweaking and some timelapse software tricks and here we go.

I’m liking this so if I will wake up before the daybreak tomorrow again I will do this.

Cheers from Kiev!

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