Liverpool, U.K., 2012

From the first moment, the rainy Liverpool looked interesting to me.  Definitely the type of place that carries stories upon stories within its walls.

Why is there all this junkfood on the driver seat?  Oh, … yeah… this is the passenger seat.  Still.

Houses and the local paint choice.

Flowers, again, are all over U.K.  While the climate is much worse than USA there seem to be so many more flower beds here.

Anti-skateboarding bars on the moss-infested constantly-wet benches.

The church my friend continually refers to as “ugly”.  I think so as well and a great manifestation to lack of style and what I call a “vulgar display of power”.  Still, I never though a Church to be stylish or to need to be such.

Especially the ugly plastic material covering the church’s beams and the horrid paint job to match.

But this church has something resembling the Rocky Steps, making me miss Philly a little.

I love the color on the doors here.  The sky is gloomy nearly all the time so people turn to colorful plants and colorful paints.

Bars and pubs are all exceptionally nice here.

And definitely the bathrooms.  I wonder how old these marble structures are.

Interesting design twist here, so to speak.

And the ground, covered in chewing gum.

Even KFC made it here.  You know, America’s Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Wait, what?!

That’s not how you spell “Kentucky”.  That’s not how you spell it at all…  Taking a minute to focus my eyes and longer for my brain to re-adjust here.  Krunchy Fried Chicken.  I wonder who was the first to steal the idea.

In this weather plants thrive everywhere.

Again, restaurants/bars are quite nice here.  Very interesting decor, especially for a place that used to be a church at some point in time.

The miss/want TAZ there.  Wish I knew who that is.

At least a few places we went to had juke boxes.  Real juke boxes.  Functioning juke boxes.  Nice.

Back in the “ugly” church to see some sculptures.

I’ve heard the Brits complain about the lack of sun more than about anything else.

Graffiti is not as good as in France but still already comparable to what we find in USA now.

And beer is everywhere.

As are these metal cows.  Or whatever they are.  Banana-puppy?

Welcome to USA.

I had to.

This also used to be a church but is now hollow inside from the wars.  It’s been converted to an art exhibit.

Somehow I will miss the great and clever layout of these pubs once I’m back in USA.  Ireland, I hear, also has similar tradition; but I surely will miss the great bar-archeteccture of the United Kingdom.

Pinguins are abundant here along the side of banana-puppies.

My last beer in Liverpool shall be…  A Mexican beer!

Cheers, mate.

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