Layover in Canada

This is an absolutely wonderful airport. I have, unfortunately, never been here before. I am most surprised and very happily intrigued.


I am, as we all are, greeted with a wonderful rainbow, somehow symbolizing the unity of one and all.  I’ve seen that somewhere before ;-)


The place is full of iPads.  I really like technology use in general and technology use at this airport in particular.  I was only there for a very short 20 minutes but I did get a chance to grab one beer before the flight.  This beer I ordered using this super-friendly iPad interface which also noted to me that I only have 17 minutes to boarding time and I might want to chug the beer.  Well, “chug” part was my own invention but you get the idea.


They do need to work on their advertisements—they no work in landscape mode; however, the iPad holders are absolutely awesome.  I need to note to myself to find who the designer of these is and to send him a Thank You note.  I think he or she will appreciate that someone had appreciated their effort—and I do.


While I typically visit Toronto 1-2 times a year, I have not been here in a while.  I need to fix this problem ASAP and start coming here more often.  Especially now.  This time of the year is absolutely gorgeous for a drive up to Toronto.  I need to find a partner who respects this kind of shit and head out there—never liked driving along for >30 minutes…

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