KSP in Houston, TX, 2012

So, a few great friends invited me for a Russian camping/singing/… event over in Texas.  Right at the same time US Airways was bombarding me with emails about all the points I’ve accumulated so I just decided to take a flight.  With all the fees only cost me $30 [well, plus all the points].

Aside from all the photos below I decided to mainly take videos as they capture the spirit of this event much better.  Both vides are long and you are certainly free to skip through.  They are a collection of a few dozen short clips I took.  Unedited raw clips spliced into a single stream.  Something for me to remember the even by.  It was a few hundred people all-in-all but I was mostly hanging around our two camp sites.

The even does have an official concert, so here are parts of it.

And here is a collection of seemingly random clips spliced in the order they were taken.  There is live music by the camp fire, singing/dancing, alcohol, and beautiful nature surrounding us.

This is my first time outside of the Houston Bush Intercontinental airport.  It is kind of grey and gloomy but the 82 degreeF weather makes up for everything after rainy and nearly snowy Philly.

First two Texans I chatted with: a salesman and a paramedic.  They were talking about women on different continents.  I chimed in seamlessly.

Finally made it to the fire!  Tent is setup, beer is cracked open.  We are a-GO.


Awesomely awesome sushi-bobs.

Morning stroll by the lake.

The moon is still out.

I woke up at 9am.  I think I was the first one.

Good start of the day :-).

And time to cleanup the mess we’ve been making.

I was taking a photo of the small flower but ended up with photo of a leaf instead.  Both nice.


And music.

And weird sausages.

A bit of rain can’t stop us!

Even lots of rain (find this in the Concert video above… the rain was nasty but short).

Wine, please.


Really, this is like a “talent show” but for Russians, by Russians.  There were a few Americans with us as well but all of them seemed to want to learn Russian and/or date Russian girls.  I am not entirely sure they were there for the music or for the women.  Both are great at these events so not too bad a choice.

Just went for a swim in the lake.  Remembering near-freezing Philadelphia (where I am now sitting) I should have just swam there all day long.

And more cleanup… :-)

Makeshift table?

This is Sunday morning, around 10 am.  Everything is closed.  Everything except for a large supermarket which apparently does not sell alcohol until noon.  Didn’t know that’s the state law in Texas.

Four of these in a row……

Grills for sale are quite elaborate.


Oh, yes, a reminder to complain.  The bees were absolutely all over the place, everpresent nearly everywhere.  The single stain on an otherwise flawless event were the bees.

Oh, by the way, we are camping out at the Indian Reservation.  This is what it looks like.

And this.

They have their own ambulances and just about everything, including a school.

And we’re off into the sunset [well, almost].

Saying out goodbyes before the flight.

I am very happy to have taken this trip and late fall or early winter is definitely a marvelous time to visit Texas.  The weather is gorgeous and the people are quite nice [I’m speaking of the store staff, security and police folks, etc].

I will definitely make a note to come back here again and soon.

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