Intercourse? Not all it’s cracked out to be… My girlfriend seems to agree, too.

For months we’ve been planning to travel out to the Amish country. Today we went to Paradise, PA, Intercourse, PA, and a few stops in-between there somewhere.

Let me first say that our experiences are usually largely based on our expectations of those experiences… My expectations from what I will find in the Amish country were grossly over-exagerated from what this trip turned out to be. Now that I know, if I ever wish to return, I will plan my trip in a very different way. I was expecting something like our trip to New Hope, perhaps? Nope!  These towns’ organization is very different. No bars, few-and-far-between family-style restaurants, etc. Nothing like what I thought we’d find.

We started with a small horse farm, bought some honey and vegetables, went to Paradise, and then on to Intercourse, finishing up with a stop-over at a local micro-brew.  Too bad I was hungry… There was no food, just snacks and samples at the stores… I was pretty miserable and irritated with, well, with the without of the sustenance… had to get ice cream to not fall over. Poor Greg!, right? had to survive on ice-cream… I was coming in with the though of it being impossible that I won’t get a pint and a burger, right in the middle of everything…???!!! Well, nope! No can do!

Anyway, here’s the video of our experiences so you can decide for yourselves how it all went.

Right-away, this is a good place to chill. No thrills here.

Amish are great at very simple woodwork for the house.

And also at drying their clothes in the wind.

Superbly clean here, and very zen.

You can also buy one of these carriages (or whatever they’re called).

THIS is freaking brilliant!  Love it! One day, I’ll own a big house in the country and I’ll put a bunch of old shoes, filled with flowers, all over the place. Most definitely a great idea.

There is a very nice farm here with tiny horses.

And they are tiny!

And goats, too.

With attitude :)

I gets to record them, as you’ve seen on video.

This girl kept on hitting her fence.


This little guy’s eyes are deep blue!  Didn’t really know that was an option… I always remember horses with brown eyes and never asked myself if there are other possibilities… Yep, there are.

If you have kids, bring them here for the rides. Looks like fun!

Machines are at work here.  As I was told, Amish do use machinery for the production of stuff for sale, just not for themselves.

Very nice house. Notice nothing electric here and no lights…

No light in the kitchen OR the bathroom… Cool!

Yep. They’s things to take photos of things! :)

Farm rides!  Oh, note, bring lots of cash. Things aren’t cheap here and they only take cash…

I was really amazed with the toy train museum. Didn’t think I’d see sooooooo many toy trains in one place. Definitely go there if you are ever in the area.

Look at all these bombs!!

Driving out here is pretty nice!

Cornfields, farms, and cows. Zen.

Oh, yeah, and the horses!

5% off today only :)

Lots of antique junk here, if you’re into that sort of thing.


And chickens.

And chiropractors?!

This is a cow you can practice “milking”.  Great for the kids!


They also make stuff here right in the store for you. Cool to watch, before you buy.

There’s a brewery here, too. Very nice.  Too bad we selected this for the LAST stop… Should have started with this one :)

Overall, this is an enjoyable trip. Just not sure if it’s really trulls worth the 60-mile ride from Philly. Perhaps so…

Hope you also had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend!



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