Illinois, 2012

Again, twice in two weeks I endup in Illinois and again I have the same general set of observations.  The place is flat and the people are friendly :-)

I, somehow, notice alot more trains in these rural areas.  Perhaps it is just me but… well… there just seems to be quite alot of trains.  What is not visible here (didn’t think to take a photo until now I am writing about it) is a small crowd of people gathered to my right, waiting to cross on foot.  It’s been a little while since I’ve seen people walking in USA outside of major metropolitan areas and small city “downtowns”.

Today marks the first time in my life I have actually driven a Jeep.  No, I hated it, given my love for small cars.  I have to, however, give them some props for building a very solid and very nice-to-drive car.  Oh, sorry, am I contradicting myself?  Not at all!  I understand the desire of some to drive this car and I like the brand and their continued well-presented image of themselves.  What I do not like is the size of the car and how I, myself, feel driving it — it is too high off the ground for me.

The landscapes are still as beautifully plain as they were last week.  No changes there (even though this time I am driving from Chicago, not from Indianapolis).

And another one of the same with the ever-present truck in the backdrop (frontdrop, actually).

Constant road construction should not upset you.  Keep in mind, roads break in all countries around the world!  The big difference is the speed/rate at which these roads are repaired.  USA heavily relies on asphalt transportation so the roads are fixed much much faster than in other countries.  Just sayn’.

Ah, home sweet EX-home Chicago.  This building is somewhat famous [please send me a link, somebody] as the owner constantly changes the giant drawing on it.  Back in the day there was traffic-stopping painting of Dennis Rodman, if you remember.

Finally, on the plane!  There is a story in and of itself as to how fun it was getting here but I’m here, waiting for takeoff.  Why, remind me, can I not use my laptop during takeoff?  Sigh.

Alright, I’m finally safely back at home, getting ready to take a loooong nap.

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