Guangzhou, China (Asia, 2015)

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I didn’t get out of the airport here. I was planning to, on the way back, but it’s 100F outside (I’m writing this while at the Guangzhou’s Airport coffee shop). There is a smoking room so I’ll just chill here and write, even though I have 11 hours total to wait :-). What do I think about this place? Well the people here appear to my eye to be ridiculously fucking rude and annoying beyond any possible comprehension. That is, for my American-trained eye. I am used to keeping space between myself and the next person in line—you will not get that here! I am used to moving through the security check line in an “orderly fashion”—you will not get that here, either—here people pile up as fast as possible to make sure to get to their seat just 3 seconds faster so they can start loudly discussing something. Also, the way people communicate with their families and friends, as I see here at the airport, is clearly different than back in US.

I flew, I was bored… Here’s proof :-)

I parked my car,


I had a pre-flight pint (never mind that it’s not even noon),


I flew for over my ex-girlfriend’s sea :-)


And I landed, only took 16 hours.


Every time I travel to Asia, I am reminded how different it really is from everywhere else I’ve been to thus-far.  I think I need to visit Africa at some point to really compare…

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