Goodbye, cruel world

Indeed, it has been a while since I have traveled to Asia.  My last trip here changed the course of my life for a few years and, in a way, really fucked me up, perhaps in a good way, who knows…

On this particular rainy day I woke up at 8:05 am—alarm was originally set for 5:30 am—and ran to the airport as fast as I could.  Luck be on my side, Canada is, apparently, a domestic flight so showing up at the airport at 8:36 am is just fine for a 10:25 am flight.  YAY.  Even had time for a coffee :-)

United, united, Canada, united.


I wonder why rain delays flights… I can drive just fine in the rain… Let’s google it, shall we?  Ha!  As usual, the answers are simpler than I had thought.  Perhaps it is due to lightning storms?  But there was no lightning, just rain.  The answer seems to be—at least the first few links I’ve glanced at—quite simple: ground work is delayed in the rain as the, for example, baggage handlers actually cover up the baggage, etc.  This is a surprise of sorts.  Who would have thought that people carrying for properly carrying my shit take time to cover it up from the rain and proven everything from getting wet causes delays.


Well, the good news is that I didn’t really sleep the night before, catching just over 3 hours of sleep so I pass out right away and don’t wake up until the next photo.

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