Delta had outdone itself this time: flying on semi-empty planes… PHL–DET–LAN

Had a brief symposium at MSU so flew over there. Usually I fly American so I am pretty used to shitty service and flight delays. This time I could only get decent times with Delta and reluctantly accepted my fate. WOW! All 4 flights (2 there, 2 back) were perfectly on-time (even though the weather was not the bestest), the planes were half-empty, and the service was stellar and with a smile.

They even serve Starbucks coffee in these tiny cute cups.

2017 12 03 Trip to MSU for smartAg  1 of 3

Flight was very smooth. One question is about this mist. Looks like there is a power plant and then the mist from it just fills the valleys between the mountains… Or am I imagining it?

2017 12 03 Trip to MSU for smartAg  2 of 3

See, the flight is empty! Love it! :)

2017 12 03 Trip to MSU for smartAg  3 of 3

Some clips from the flights, stitched together.

Lovely time. Too bad the symposium was very event-filled and I didn’t get a chance to get out and walk around with the camera… I’ll be back to Lancing some time soon, I hope—looks like an adorable little town.


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