Davis, California

Exceedingly impressive and quiet little town, just a $30 Uber ride from the Sacramento airport. FYI: not sure about how Uber will progress here, but so-far UberX—my favorite kind of Uber—is available right at the airport [seems to be a disappearing trend, overall]. Anyway, I am here on business but, as in any travel, I have a little bit of time to talk around the city center—and what a center it is!

Davis, seemingly, is a city revolved around the campus of the University of California. Honestly, I think it is UCD that makes the D here, not the other way around as all I see on the streets are students, police, and supporting business staff, like the restaurant waitresses and the like. Just a few quick observations from walking around the “downtown” (as it is officially labeled on all the directions.

  • The street walker, bikers, and drivers are mostly white with low percentage of asians, and an occasional hispanic, well-balanced by equally occasional face of an African origin;
  • Nobody smokes, vapes, etc;
  • Streets are pristinely clean, even the back alleys;
  • Restaurants are small and extremely cozy;
  • Buildings are all different and compete with restaurants and shops for the welcoming and, well, cozy look;
  • Cars are relatively newer and relatively more expensive than what I am used to seeing in bigger cities on the East coast;
  • City streets are extremely green with very regular signage about water conservation; while
  • Individual houses, about a half of them, did away with grass lawns and prominently display concrete, rocks, or “other”; and finally
  • I find this place to be extremely friendly and manageable both on foot and on other non-motorized transportation types.

Definitely I would enjoy visiting this place again, given a chance. Let’s see what photos I had time to take in the short time I was here.

Ah, my flight is here :)

Davis (1 of 63)

Hello water-starved California!

Davis (2 of 63)

I can see it, sure, but the rest of the place is greener than Philly or most of the other cities I have visited…  Just saying…

Davis (3 of 63)

Apparently Davis, CA is UC Davis, interchangeably.  This is one of those college towns where the college is bigger than the town, I suppose.

Davis (4 of 63)

Green is everywhere but water starvation is pretty clear, too.

Davis (5 of 63)

Still, it’s nice to see flowers.

Davis (6 of 63)

And the palm trees.

Davis (7 of 63)

Davis (8 of 63)

And the gorgeous little-town houses here.  Ah, I so wish I had a summer house in a place like this.  But I bet this place is worth a few million, being this close to campus…

Davis (9 of 63)

And the campus is everywhere.  Apparently this small house with crappy fence is a Center for Child & Family Studies.  Yep.  True story.

Davis (10 of 63)

Still, so very chill here.

Davis (11 of 63)

Davis (12 of 63)

City parks and all.

Davis (13 of 63)

With gorgeous vases.

Davis (14 of 63)

And the dancers.

Davis (15 of 63)

My style dancers [this is a private joke for those who know me].

Davis (16 of 63)

Wouldn’t you wish to live here?

Davis (17 of 63)

Even though you’d have to conserve water…

Davis (18 of 63)

For this… :-)

Davis (19 of 63)

And the red woods.

Davis (20 of 63)

Davis (21 of 63)

Davis (22 of 63)

I mean for-real red woods.

Davis (23 of 63)

So nice here.

Davis (24 of 63)

With all the small cafes all over the “campus” which is also the city of Davis.

Davis (25 of 63)

With the flowers at the bar.

Davis (26 of 63)

And $2 dresses.

Davis (27 of 63)

And the fabulous graffiti, next to “come beautiful, leave sexy” salons.

Davis (28 of 63)

With British-style phone booths…

Davis (29 of 63)

And, did I mention, palm trees…

Davis (30 of 63)

And gorgeous houses.

Davis (31 of 63)

And wonderful colors.

Davis (32 of 63)

And over-safe walkways.

Davis (33 of 63)

And the exceedingly-clean sidewalks (even if they are not right at the city center).

Davis (34 of 63)

Notice, how people’s homes are devoid of grass.

Davis (35 of 63)


Davis (36 of 63)

Or the wonderful sculptures, made from shovels.

Davis (37 of 63)

Like so.

Davis (38 of 63)

And the park i n the middle of the city which is to envy, anywhere you’d travel.

Davis (39 of 63)

Yes, with a green river, but a “river” non-the-less.

Davis (40 of 63)

And by “green” I mean GREEN!

Davis (41 of 63)

With the ducks, too.  Lovely.

Davis (42 of 63)

Just absolutely gorgeous here.  I can see where Steve Jobs took his walks and why he kept on referencing them.

Davis (43 of 63)

Davis (44 of 63)

We’re graffiti-clear here.  Yeah, let’s cover it all up.

Davis (45 of 63)

Just fucking amazing here.  WOW

Davis (46 of 63)

And the place is smoke-free.  Nice.

Davis (47 of 63)

Davis (48 of 63)

Oh, would you look at this tree!

Davis (49 of 63)

Apparently it’s sacred, somehow.

Davis (50 of 63)

But I like this tree better.

Davis (51 of 63)

And the campus just pops out of nowhere.  Apparently it’s been there all along, just looming over, just a block away.

Davis (52 of 63)

With it’s… WHAT?  Holy shit!

Davis (53 of 63)

Ha!  No-fucking-way!

Davis (54 of 63)

Yep.  I am seeing true.

Davis (55 of 63)

Amazing!  Just amazing!

Davis (56 of 63)

With local rodents feasting on leftovers.

Davis (57 of 63)

With my wonderful hotel.  Seriously, I this is the better of the Hyatt installations, right?

Davis (58 of 63)

AHA!  This is where the smokers are.

Davis (59 of 63)

With a college where there is a Brewing laboratory next to a Research winery…

Davis (60 of 63)

And a Teaching vineyard.

Davis (61 of 63)

UCDavis, I think I love you!

Davis (62 of 63)

I’ll miss Cali with all the plowed fields and dried-up lands.

Davis (63 of 63)

Amazing here.  What a nice trip!  Cheers.

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