Brigantine, NJ

Located right next to the Atlantic City, Brigantine boasts a fabulous beach [and far less crowded than the AC beach].  I’ve been here a number of times and every time I make a plan to come here more often. This time I decided to also record a video of walking around on the beach so, if you’ve never been, you could get a sense of the place.

Here are some images to follow along with this short trip.

Have to pack-rat for the beach, I suppose.

And don’t forget to wear a hat and sunscreen!

Keep dreaming about owning one of those things. Until, of course, you get to own one and then you’re stuck with the repair bills and all…

It’s nice here in the summer.  Very green.

So green that the place is full of mushrooms. Careful with what your dog eats…

Keep on pushing: the beach is just a few hundred feet from the closest parking here.

Take your shoes off and you’re ready.

Chill. Zen.

The only beach bar has a band on the weekends.

That and rather reasonably-priced drinks. The quality of food and service is so that you’d return and not “for the tourists”. Much nicer than most places in the Atlantic City [no wonder it’s gone to shit, recently!].

Yep, there’s a more-than-two-floors building here, too. Yay!

Great and fun trip. Very relaxing. As always, I’ll plan to come here more often :)

Go get some sun and water!


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