Boston, MA

Last week [well, almost 2 weeks ago] I visited my brother at MIT. Drove to Boston from Montreal. Actually, my brother is in Cambridge, not Boston (as is MIT); but I don’t really care since the map and the road signs keep pointing to “Boston” exits. To summarize, this is a gorgeous place and definitely is both expensive-as-hell and gorgeously beautiful.

The drive from Montreal began with an atrociously vicious storm—the worst storm I’ve experienced while driving.

Oh, yeah, I took a few video clips while I was driving to show you the road from Montreal to Boston. Aside from a stormy rain, this road is a bit boring and rather uneventful (unlike the drive from Philly to Montreal, but more on that later).

Storm clouds and the rain, right there by the horizon.

The sky is doing something crazily amazing.  Too bad I have to drive through it, thought.

There is this beautiful thing happening no top of my head: the sky is split into two. I am driving out of the wet night and into the nice mid-afternoon sunshine.

See what I mean?

Decided to stop for a coffee in some small town here on the road.  No idea what it’s called or where it’s at… Very nice place.

There’s a river and everything.  The coffee shop was 5-minutes closed already; but they poured me a coffee, anyway.

Must be lovely to live here, but I never could.  The 10 minutes I spent there people-watching… everyone, and I do mean everyone, knows everyone else.  After 10 minutes on a bench there was already a small crowd gathering around a white boy with dark hair (me) and his Asian girlfriend…

Finally, we are in Cambridge.  Very nice place. This is the view from my window and it about sums up the whole place: very clean, rather old, and with a nice well-polished character. Not without flaws, of course.

Even the hallways are different than anything I’ve seen back home.

This is Cambridge: super-expensive brand-new SUV parked half-way on the grass to save space for a second car: parking here is about as expensive as the housing…

Fire post? Not even sure what this actually is… Perhaps a way to call the fire truck over here?

Most of the fire hydrants I see here have some character (and different everywhere, you’ll see).

Sidewalks, by the way, are very clean and very broken-up.

I like the way government is advertising the recycling program. So simple and so effective.

What I notice here is that streets are awfully empty and most stores are closed on this wonderful Saturday morning at 9-something am. Yeah, this is a student-driven place where the place is vibrant at 1am and sleepy at 9am.

See what I mean about the wonders you’ll find here in Cambridge?!

Including Dental Associates.

And very wonderfully old-style parking meters.

And METAL sidewalk… what are these things called? But this is the first time in USA that I’ve seen them in metal.

You see what I mean about the fire hydrants?

And the flowers everywhere!  I absolutely love this place.  Very nice.

So clean, too. Everywhere everything is clean.

Lovely installation here at the city center [is Cambridge a city?].

A lot of homeless-looking people here, by the way.  I was asked for “some change” about once per block.

Another thing I notice here is the huge number of book stores. I’ve seen at least 4 in my walk to search for a breakfast joint that’s not a coffee shop.

One day I’ll learn how to spell Massachusetts without the aid of Goggle.

Old city, yeah, but so clean.

Some suburban neighborhoods look “manicured” but not this city.  It’s clean, yes, and tidy, yes, but definitely not “manicured”.

See what I mean?  This is what I see on just about any corner or between them, the corners.

An occasionnel graffiti surprises with the drastic difference from what you’d find in PA, or NY, or IL.

Oh my gosh!  This car is completely covered in furs!!

Finally, we make it to my brother’s office at MIT. Fuck! Ain’t this an amazing view? Interestingly, we share one thing in common: we both have a fantastic view of a major metropolitan area from our offices. Well, to be honest, we share a few more things in common… ;-)

Before we head to Boston, we decide to head over to the MIT museum. Holy fuck! This is amazing!  You can touch just about anything and it’s crazy-awesome!  We got in free for various reasons not related to my brother’s MIT connection. Ask about AAA discount, student discount, visiting faculty discount, etc. There’s bound to be something: my girlfriend got in free because she has Bank of America account and this particular Saturday Bank of America was sponsoring the visit.

Finally, we are in Boston. Took us 15 minutes to cross that small bridge in an Uber; should have walked over!

Well, here’s a collection of video clips from us walking around.  Lots of fun stuff to see there.

The city is full of mixture of old and new.  Very clean, friendly, and impressive. Albeit a bit expensive.

Very nice park here in the center of Boston. Full of businessmen and kids. More kids than businessmen.

Oh, these are some kind of famous Boson ducks.  Well, now I can say I saw them :)

Nice, practical, and inexpensive trash cans here.

Oh, and here are the famous ducks, too.

Much like in NYC, you can see the towers around the park, reminding you that you are in the center of a major metropolitan city.

Next to nearly endless flowers.

Oh, yeah, it’s on-and-off raining here. Supposedly it’s like that most of the year. I guess I don’t mind it.

Nice views and photo ops here, for weddings and such.

With the city looming over you.

Typical touristy districts here.

And some interesting fire hydrants.

Very interesting, indeed.

And many of those flowing installations, see that reflective mesh thing in the air above the road?

On the left here in the City Hall. Supposedly built to keep the people OUT, not in (during an attack).

I love the frequent NO SKATING signs :)

Time for a beer tour! Brilliant idea by my brother! What a great way to spend an evening: mixture of history stories and nice beer tasting(s).

Here’s the video of the endeavor.

I think the video summer up the tour best. Some interesting views from the windows: the city is constantly under construction.

OK, after two beers one tends to get artistic with one’s camera…

Night Boston is gorgeous.

Finally, it’s time to go home, to the nice comfy bed; but first we need to drive there. Not a bad ride and some occasional interesting sights. Here’s the video of us driving Boston to Philadelphia.

Wonderful trip and a great time in Boston. Hopefully you will get a chance to visit, if you have not already. Oh, and if I mixed up some facts I’d love to know it.

Safe travels to all!


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