Boar’s Head in Charlottesville

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Interesting trip. Headed to Virginia for a day-long presentation. This reminds me of how amazing this country must have been for the original settlers coming here from the main land. Most of the originators of this country have settled around this area in Virginia, I suppose. Yes, I am likely wrong on the specifics, I just know that many of them were around here. I was very pleasantly… not surprised since I have seen this place before, but pleasantly reminded of how clean, natural, and beautiful this place is. The weather is not too hot, not to cold, not too windy but the is a breeze. I think this is a great place to go fishing, drink some beers, relax, etc. I’ve only spent one evening here and a day full of presentations so I only had a chance to walk for just a few minutes. Let’s see how nice it is here in Summer.


Reminds me of what this place would have been like 300 years ago.


Well, there would have been candles here, I think…  Otherwise I think this is just about right…  No?




See what I mean?  I bet George Washington would have agreed that this place is nothing short of splendid.


And “natural”.


This, by the way, is the view from our meeting room’s windows.  Yeah…



This is where it’s at!

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