Blocktober Fest on South Street

South Street hosted today a “Bloktober Fest”: beers, musics, junks, and food trucks. Was kinda funs. Not my kind of fun but I saw thousands of people getting shitface drunk and enjoying themselves. This is definitely the kind of stuff that the city needs to put together to boost the economy. Let’s take the South Jersey trash’s moneys and spend them in Philly. Love it!

While the whole experience was, well, entertaining, I want to point out the “WOW WOW WOW” song that I was lucky-enough to witness being performed.

THIS is why I like to roam these festivals—the occasional greatness. At least I think so. The whole street comes together, as one amazing community, and we all dance to a wonderful performance or a singer/songwriter who performs on Wednesday nights at the bar next door. THIS, to me, is what our small Philly community is all about. Absolutely lovely!

Here’s the video of the entire event (including this 5-minute song).

Shitton’a fun, right? You see, staying outdoors on a weekend is not such a bad idea! :)

Come out and play!


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