Ah, Manhattan in the fall… What a sight!

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the New York City so I wanted to check if NY is still there. Is short: yes it’s still there.

What can I possibly say? The city is as crazy as usual, amazingly clean for a huge city, stinky and overcrowded, and absolutely amazingly awesome to visit. Let’s get on ahead.

Train ride there

Easy to catch a train to NYC from Philly.  It’s now up to $52 roundtrip [last time I took this train, it was ~$32 or something—been a while]. This is, of course, with connection at Trenton; Acela is available but way more expensive, without too much reason for it: this train gets you to the Penn Station in NYC in just a touch over 2 hours.

Philly’s 30th Street Station has some nice views.

I actually forgot that I like taking trains: it’s chill and you get to watch the world go by you. Not too crowded, either.

NYC’s Penn Station is way dirtier; but, of course, it’s handling higher traffic… is that really an excuse for being dirtier? Ah, whatever!

Adorable new police… cars? vehicles!

New York City

I love it here! Every time I come over, the city is immediately welcoming and vibrant and absolutely awesome.

I do notice a lot of homeless people. More than Philly, for sure; and, I think, more than the last few summer/fall times that I had visited…. I’ll need to look at some older photos to assess this.

What is now an amazing addition is that some of the streets are blocked-off and tables are added. Ah, so very nice!

This is Friday early afternoon…

All the shopping here is… 10X on crack with a triple expresso: HUGE!

Street vendors are my absolute all-time favorite here in NYC. Gorgeous!

Mmmmmm! Chicken on the stick!! Those of you who know me personally know that this is my favorite treat of all of NY!

$6 for all this joy!

There is something for my girlfriend, too.

And now that we’ve fed our belly, let’s get back to feeding our eyes.

Look at all these fire hydrants! In retrospect, I don’t think I’ve seen two that are alike… WOW

Are you into songwriter/singers with big curly hair? We got ’em!

Oh, yeah, don’t forget to look up :)

CitiBike is here. Rentals are $12 for the day… but I was not able to figure out the hourly rate. Well… read this… It’s $12 for the pass, then $4 for each 15 minutes over the 30-minute window on days that end with Y on the third test of every other month on odd years. Shut up! COMPLICATED AND EXPENSIVE! Bring your own fucking bike or ride the subway! That’s it.

Trash management is superb for such a huge city.

Oh, and another new thing I noticed is that there is an extra-extended happy hour setup EVERYWHERE! Just watch out, this happy hour only extends to very specific drinks is all.

Most of the city is full of Uber and new-style yellow cabs; but you can still find one of these good’ol NYC yellow cabs.


Armed forces presence is quite visible here. Can they prevent an air strike? No! But they are excellent at keeping general tourist population un-scared.

Scarry fucking bag! Oh my gosh, what should I do??!! See something? Say something!

“Honey, let’s get the fuck out of here, see this unattended bag?”

“OK, let’s run”

Just checking out the keyboard setup, honestly.

The fuck with all that salt?!

Oh, yeah… It’s the $4 waters!! :)

Look at that!!!! They are constructing a building, using a crane that is attached to the part of that building… like 50 floors up in the air!! I am amazed by this…

Oh, and the water here is like $4…. so better bring your own. Oh, and avoid those overpriced oversalted  pretzels…

Central Park

Horses here have a license plate… Right on their neck!

Chilling out on a rock

Photographing squirrels

This is a great idea: launch little boats

People will immediately photograph them


I just love this! Remember, you’re in the New York City!?!

Just think about the price of those apartments….

Or these…

Day 2

Yawn. Just about any hotel will offer to you just about the same view… THIS!

The city is dead in the morning.

This way I can get a clear view of the range of trash cans they offer.

And all the shit that was leftover from yesterday.

Look, there is a way to protect hydrants from people sitting on them…

See, looks like rats were pretty hungry, too…

The Highline Garden (didi I give it a right name?) is pretty amazing!

Umm… Eww…

Vertical parking is pretty cool, too.

Oh, look, a street sales thing!

That fake steak is fucking disgusting-looking! Also, they have HORSES backing this place up… Is that a cow steak or what?

OK. We are nearing the Times Square.

Love this police guy!

You could not spell “no sitting here” without red color and metal bars …

Bad photo. That is a FISH TANK… an outdoor fishtank…

Only here… How many bikes can you possibly connect to a bike rack? Well, this many, apparently.

Still, people here love their city!  They plant flowers on their door steps.

The city, of course, generates a ton of trash!

Ah… New York… Look t that line!!!


Plasma coffee… :)

Aha! Finally, someone had figured out how to sit on the “protected” hydrants… People are people…

Sigh… Yay!! We’re heading home :)

NYC is great to visit, for sure! But I cannot wait to get back to own bed in my comfortable and bite-sized Philadelphia.



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