A day in Philadelphia

This weekend I went to an opera with a friend.  Just walked around the city, meeting up with friends, enjoying life.  Great day, but a bit chilly.  Well, I figured I’d bring a camera with.  But I cannot go on shooting without an assignment, can I?  Well, let’s make one up then, shall we?  Today’s assignment was “whatever catches my eye”.  He are some pics of things that caught my eye.  Hopefully you’ll like them.

Green runner.

Purple flowers.  See them?


St. Patty’s leftovers, I see.

SWEAT Fitness.  I mean, really?  :-)

New construction.


And trees.

This just somehow looked unsafe…  And this is me talking…  I work with high voltage all the time.

Asians always dress nice.

Something interesting down there?

These shoes were made for walking.

Snow?! o_O

This is one of those cars that follow bikers…  WOW.  Never seen one on the street like this.

Children.  Everybody’s got ’em.

Getting into his car.

Let’s party in style :-).

Toldja Asians dress well.

India is not considered Asia, right?

Checking out the mannequin, are we?


We all have to do this…


We love colors and we don’t care to match them :-).



Pro video dude.

Across from the International House, keeping up with the spirit.

Setting up video.


Very sparkly in real live, I failed to catch it on camera, you’d have to trust me on that one.

Maestro is coming.


A lamp.

And a TV.

A girl.

And a man.

A healthy baby starts with you, just so you know.

Amazing what you see when you open your eyes.

Festive and happy :-).

Still kicking it in style!

Dragons.  Oh, I’ll have a new story about it shortly.  The book is finally done.

Very nice couple!  The guy was the LAST dragon in my book.  I’ll share that story in a few.

Wrapped trees are a wonderful addition to the city.  Amazing.

This was my last photo [blogger uploader somehow screws up the order, but whatever].

This is the only tree house I’ve seen in Philly.  Awesome parenting!  Win!

Awesome day!  :-)

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