Sunday late skate with Cliff

Another one of Landskaters‘ endeavors. Today we started rather late, for a Sunday, and skated northish. No bumps, great skate. Always fun and always a good time with the crew. Here’s my proof. Go on to the garage, dust off your old skates, and come join us! XOXO

Skating through the “Battle of Germantown” at Cliveden Mansion

Skated with Landskaters crew, led by Eric. This this quote from the email is the best way to describe this event: There is a yearly re-enactment of the “Battle of Germantown” at Cliveden Mansion, the actual site and center of an important early revolutionary battle.  The revolutionaries lost but did well enough to convince the … Continue to full post

How is Conshohocken these days, you ask? Well, let me show to you, on skates!

Our inline skating group,, typically skates in Philly proper; however, we do sometimes venture out on a destination skate. Today’s skate was in Cliff’s backyard: Conshohocken, PA [Cliff is one of the skate leaders for Landskaters]. This is a beautiful town on the hills, about a 30-minute drive from Philly.  There are plenty of bike paths … Continue to full post