Turkey-burn skate through North Philadelphia

Nothing like a nice skate after eating all that nice meat yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, family dinner with all the niceties of day-long prep, food*100, alcohol, and a nice conversation [as long as Trump doesn’t come up; and, thankfully, it didn’t]. But, after all of that, a nice skate is a must. With temperatures in the mid-50s (that’s Fahrenheit) and the winds below 3 mph it’s a crime to stay home and vegetate.

Nice 15-mile skate through the streets of North Philadelphia and on to Rittenhouse park. Most excellent day for a nice run. Here’s a video from the skate.

If you are looking into investment properties in North Philly, please consider the shorter version of this video. North Philly has some extremely shady areas…

Go have fun in the sun! The water’s fine.


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