Philly Free Streets: Good idea, bad execution

So there was an idea, following the Pope visit, to open the streets of Philadelphia for pedestrian traffic.  Many cities in Europe had done it and Philly thought it’d be a nice idea to duplicate that… that idea. Well, here is a sure fire way to fuck that up: plan badly.  Yes, the streets were closed. And by “streets” I mean just portions of South Street. Here’s the map of the closures on the official site (I’m posting a screenshot in case they fuck up the link, too):


So, this was a great idea which was proper-fucked by lack of preparation.  Where the hell are the street vendors?  Where’s the music?  The fuck!?

We need artists doing stuff and, you know, make the open, walkable, streets more entertaining.  Will I go back, now that I took my skates off?  Fuck no!  What’s the point?!

Here’s video of us skating through that shitstorm and then bailing to spend some quality time on ACTUAL open streets and parks and alleys and all:

Many thanks to our fearless leader Eric.

Go spend time outside!  I’ll have a beer to recover and right back in.


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