Odunde festival (skate-through)

There is a wonderful Festival that happens, unfortunately, only once a year. Odunde is a wonderful place to be at.  I am frequently amazed that some of my friends have never heard of this festival. Come on! It happens every year and it’s been happening for quite a few years. You absolutely have to come out, at least this once, to experience the culture, the food, the people, and the vibe. Just don’t bring your girlfriend along because most of the guys look better than you, and don’t forget to not bring your boyfriend because this place is full of absolutely stunning women. This is not really a historic festival, it is more of a big party. There is a lot of good food, a lot of stuff to buy, and a lot of sound, very indicative of the African culture. Did he use the word indicative right? Well, you get the point.

This festival takes place on South Street, starting on Grace Ferry Avenue. Every year I try to persuade my skating buddies to check out the parade. This year we were too early for the parade  but we did witness everything that’s going on while the festival is taking place. Here is my video of what’s up.

Yeah, it was a lot of fun.



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