Inline skating in Philadelphia: what’s it like?

Friends frequently ask me, I get emails and phone calls, even strangers stop me to ask: What’s it like to skate in Philadelphia?!  Well… to be perfectly honest, nobody ever asks me that. But here, let me just share the videos from last 2 weekends. I have GoPro in my hand, record short clips as I go, get home, stitch them, and post with minimal-to-none editing. I think these summarize our typical skating attitude: every time I see runners, they are always in pain, frowning, panting; while the skaters are generally laughing and goofing off… maybe it’s just me… but I like the idea…

Saturday skate from June 24th:

Yesterday’s skate (July 1st):

And, finally, today’s skate (July 2nd):

Note, these are my videos and I record them 99% for sharing with friends and fellow skaters [many of whom are also friends, so I over-share]. The 1% embedded in there is my hope that, after watching these, you’ll dust off your pair of skates and come join us on the streets of Philadelphia!

Cheers and keep rocking it!


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