Birthday (not mine) skate

Skating is a ton’a’fun! I’ve been traveling for about a month so didn’t get a chance to partake in much of any sports at all, unfortunately. Arriving, I immediately went on a scale to find myself at 188 lbs, about 20 lbs over my preferred weight and 15 over my typical… Spleh! Ran to the gym, played some squash, and now I’m back on skates. Just so happens that it was a b-day skate, and a big six-ohh, too. Skaters, as I am sure a lot of other groups as well, tend to overdo it a bit for their birthdays so today ended up being a 22-miler for me [compared to the typical 16-18, and those extra few miles really take the cake!].

Well, here’s the video from the skate. It’s a shitload of fun to get back in skates and here’s the proof :-).


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