Skating through the “Battle of Germantown” at Cliveden Mansion

Skated with Landskaters crew, led by Eric. This this quote from the email is the best way to describe this event:

There is a yearly re-enactment of the “Battle of Germantown” at Cliveden Mansion, the actual site and center of an important early revolutionary battle.  The revolutionaries lost but did well enough to convince the French to support us.   We’ll be skating into the thick of it to observe for a bit from the safety of the Victory beer garden.  You can count on lots of red-coat’s and blue-coats marching/battling about.

I’ll also be hitting Material Culture (currently has some great outdoor animal art), another Monument Lab site,  and George Washington’s version of “Mar a Lago” along the way (Summer White House in this case).

Here’s the video of the event

In other words, you need to drab skates, learn how to skate, and just skate with us!  You will not regret it :)



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