Edinburgh, U.K., 2012

Edinburgh is, apparently, part of Scotland.  On this trip I realized the meaning of the word “united” in “United Kingdom” — they are really separate countries and cultures that decided to join under one Queen.  Otherwise, the cultures are completely different from each other as are the languages.  Can’t understand Scottish accent for the life … Continue to full post

Rhode Island, 2012

So, every two years we travel to the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and since few years back to the Gordon Keenan Research Seminar (GRS) attached to this conference.  This time around the conference was at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI.  Well, what can I say?  Excellent conference, exciting presentations, good connections, etc. Since Rhode Island … Continue to full post

France, 2012

I was in France last week [in case you were trying to unsuccessfully reach me] for the 4th International Conference on Plasma Medicine (ICPM-4).  Excellent event and very well-put-together by my colleagues in Orleans; but this post is not about that.  I did have very little free time which I attempted to spend walking around … Continue to full post

Washington, DC, 2012

During my recent Skate DC trip I walked around Washington, DC.  Beautiful city and extraordinarily clean.  People, though, did not seem to be too friendly to strangers, very much unlike Illinois where I just got back from. Anyway, I highly recommend for you to visit our Capitol.  There are very many people at work, keeping … Continue to full post

Illinois, 2012

Again, twice in two weeks I endup in Illinois and again I have the same general set of observations.  The place is flat and the people are friendly :-) I, somehow, notice alot more trains in these rural areas.  Perhaps it is just me but… well… there just seems to be quite alot of trains. … Continue to full post

Indiana and Illinois, 2012

Last week I was in University of Illinois for a short visit.  I have not been to midwest in a while and forgot how flat it is over there. Highways are well-paved and clean, barely any bumps.  A+, Indiana. Vast open spaces, filled with grass and cornfields.  One can easily fall asleep behind the wheel … Continue to full post

philly doors

Philly doors from all over in Center City and North Philly. This is a result of me walking around for ~4 hours, clocking 8 miles, and hitting up 4 bars on the way :-) Hope you enjoy.