Light booth for 360 photos

So, naturally, being an engineer, I over engineer.  Instead of taking photos of stuff I find on the streets I am constructing an elaborate lightbox-type of a setup where I am planning to take 360º photos, convert them into videos and animated GIFs and post those.  Sigh.  Well, I’m a dang engineer, what do you expect from me?!

Here’s my progress: I got whiteboard (foam) sheets to fit my old standing desk (the sheets are 24″ x 36″; so are a perfect fit). Tape and nail the walls (with tiny nails so I don’t really regret or see the effects later once I’m sick of this light setup).


There’s gonna be bottom (shown) and top (not shown).


Top with LED track lights (similar for bottom and sides).


OK, I’m going to solder these some other time—it’s bed time in Greg-world.

Hope to be sharing some one-day-find shots with y’all sometime soonish :)


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