The Reason

Some conversations, given my general love of everything sports-related [doing, not watching], stir toward the topic of loosing or controlling weight. Gosh, it’s really so terribly easy it’s not even funny. You just do that. Control weight. What works for me is realizing why I wish to do that, how I want to approach this and what is the goal. THE GOAL! There has to be a goal, at least for me; otherwise there is almost no point in striving for something… Some what?!

In 25 days I am leaving for a conference where I will spend 8 nights away from my gym and away from my regular routines. Important—for me—is the fact that I will be wearing light clothes most of the time there. Aha! We have a reason! Once we have The Reason we are half-way there. The plan becomes very clear. I’m 179.2 lbs at the time of my last weight-in and my goal weight is ~170. Let’s just plan for 168 lbs and be done with it: I now have 25 days to loose ~10 lbs. No problem at all. I already don’t drink at home and I eat quite well during the week. I have been slacking on the weekends with friends and parties… Well, I have The Reason now, right?

  • Fixed caloric intake at 2,000 kcal/day. No less (energy needs) and no more (fat gain).
  • Zero tolerance for beer. ZERO. No beer. For me this is the single highest source of calories on the weekend since I tend to like crafty pints with through-the-roof kcal counts.
  • Eating out? Raw only. Nothing fried. Oysters and raw beef, here I come. Top it off with a light martini (low olive juice, low vermouth) and I’m golden.

I also need visual motivation. Well, how about I spend 15 minutes making a little calendar for myself, why not? Make it, print it, hang it on the door. Done!

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.00.04 PM

By the way, you are absolutely free to use this file, if you like.  The photo is a google search for “Hawaii” and the layout I made in Illustrator.  Here is an editable PDF of the Illustrator file.  If this is at all useful to you, please share your ideas/uses with me.

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