So I go a little nuts sometimes over the sports I do. I think it’s OK to be hurtin’ a little just about every day of my life—not too much, though, please. See, I recommend this level of activity to all who ask me about it: Do enough sports that you are tired in the evening before you go to bed and just a little bit sore in the morning; if you are below that level you can push harder. I also try to alternate between different activities, too; and I recommend that to you as well.

I decided to post this once I broke the stings on my squash racket. I think this is a personal accomplishment of sorts—getting to the point where you can break the strings. I suppose I’ve been playing already over a year so it’s time this had happened but it also reminded me that I am, at this point, pretty serious about the sport where I watch youtube videos of other players’ techniques, etc.

So, my questions to you is simple. Are you serious about any sports? Why not?

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