Selecting a new workout

I frequently get asked how to choose a right workout. I do not know the answer. I am not a pro athlete or a personal trainer. I have the same resources as you do and I have access to the same stores. Yesterday evening I read an article about the benefit of a morning kettle bell workout routine and decided to add it to my pull-ups routine. The whole process takes less than a half-hour and wakes me up. Coupled with a few cups of coffee I am completely ready for the day and usually leave my place at Inbox-Zero status [having read and answered all my emails with zero new ones and zero in the inbox].

So, apparently kettle bells are a magical and undiscovered amazing way to really drastically and dramatically increase my “explosive strength”, whatever that means. I found a guide for bell weight selection and settled on a 50 lbs $50 kettle bell I found on Amazon. Men’s Health magazine has some good 15-minute workout routines as does the great internet so I’m all set.

Once the bell arrives in a few days I will print out a few different programs, settle on something that I feel I can do and I feel is “doing the job” and go. I’ll post my opinions of the program a little later; now I just wanted to share with you the simple selection process I use to decide what to do and how. It is amazing to me how many people pay personal trainers to give them advice that can be located on Google in just a few clicks and a bit of time. Don’t get me wrong, personal trainers are amazing since they can observe your movements and see if you are making some mistakes (no mirrors are not always enough).

Anyway, hope this helps you start working out :-)


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