Pullups and plank morning routine

So, for a while I’ve been doing pullups every morning, trying to improve my strength.  Well, I’ve noticed that my form is quite a bit off.  I decided it’s time to get off high count and go back to lower reps but improve my form/technique.  But what else to do in the morning?  Just pullups?  I can add something else I think.  And right as I am thinking about that today I get this shared with me on facebook:



Aha!  This is an idea.  I will work on my abs in-between the pullup sets.  This will give me sufficient rest while keeping me occupied.

So, let’s design a program for 30 weeks, make sure all numbers align, print it, and go.  Here’s a PDF for you, if you wish to use the same (PDF is editable in Adobe Illustrator, if you want): 2013 Pullsup and Plank.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 8.50.53 PM


I have 17″x22″ printer which is perfect for something like this and half-blind me [keep in mind, I do these in the morning, before I have my coffee and/or wake up…].

So, let’s print this already!


Print it, cut it, we’re ready.  No, there are no explanation here.  This is for ME!  Week number, set number, and minutes I have to keep Plank for.  Simple-enough, right?


Ah, we’re home now, finally :-)


My old list.  Hard to read sideways and the pen I picked out is crap!


New program is up!  YAY!  Something to do in the morning tomorrow :-).


I had to figure out some way to have a pen right there, available.  Ah, my trusty 611 Record dogtag :-).  Those of you who know Nigel Richards, please WOOT!


Nice and fat red Sharpie to mark my progress.  Awesome!  This is thick paper, too, so will not transfer to the wall :-).


And here it is, complete.  Nice straight pipe, anchored into the wall, waiting to be used.  And right along it a to-do list :-).



Now you realize the pain I go through every morning, right?  But the feeling afterwards is totally worth it!

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