We’re all a little bit chubby. Well, if we are at all healthy that is. I’ve been trying to monitor my weight for a while now, five-six years at this point. I’ll start adding some articles here, which I think could be useful to either explain something to you, teach you, or change your mind somehow.

I’ve been working up my pullups every morning.  I’m trying to get to 100 total with five sets, 40 on the first set.  Yes, I know it’s nearly insane but it’s a great workout, wakes me up, gets me in the right mood for the rest of the day, etc.  And, also, I hate running so this is my alternative, so to speak.

Lifehack wrote a neat article about pullups.  Give it a read.  No, it didn’t help me at all but I just wanted to share it with you and perhaps there is a soul out there who would think twice before stuffing their face with fried chicken after reading their article.


I do wish my back and shoulders looked like that; but you know what, I’m not that far and you can, too.  Just takes a bit of dedication and daily grind.  This is a photograph, you know.  If this douchebag could do it, so can I! and so can you!

There are all sorts of crazy door hangers you can get for yourself.  I don’t use these.  I just installed my own.  I’ll write about it some other time.  Took me 20 minutes and cost $3 or-so.  I just used a pipe I got from Lowe’s.  But this crazy doorway pull-up thing just might work about the same :-)

No pain no gain, my friend.  It does hurt to pull myself up 17 times in a row.  It did this morning, it will again tomorrow morning :-).  Keep pushing!

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