15-minute Kettlebell workout

So, I’ve been lifting my kettlebell every morning for about two weeks now.  To be honest, I skip some mornings so I do this after I get from work; but, anyway.  My first simple Google search was “15-minute kettlebell workout”.  One of the top links was from Men’s Health mag.  They really like words like “ultimate” and “amazing” so here is their Ultimate Kettlebell Workout.  Hmm…  I’ve tried a few different links as well but I think for now I will stick with this one; I will, of course, modify it and make it more to my liking.

I bought a 50 lbs kettlebell which is apparently too heavy for some exercises but just right for others [that is, of course, only true for me].  So I ended up ordering a 25 lbs bell as well.  I will refer to them as “light” and “heavy”; or L and H.  The four exercises are Snatch, Windmill, Squat, and Shoulder press:

1203 snatch  1203 windmill  1203 front squat  1203 shoulder press

Looks doable!

Men’s Health article calls for five sets with ramping reps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Nah.  I’ll do 3 heavy and 8 light, for starters, slowly ramping up through the weeks as I work this into my morning routine, similar to the Pullups routine I am already working with.

Now on with making a 30-week table.

Screen Shot 2013 07 17 at 9 38 00 AM

This should work.  You see the exercises and the Low, High reps.  I will do three sets of each, resign about 30 seconds between the low weight sets and about 45 seconds for high weight.  Resting time is different for everyone and you should really really really make up your own time rather than listen to anyone.  Thirty seconds is plenty-enough time for me and this also trains my endurance since I prefer to work to exhaustion.  Basically, you make it to the shower really really sweaty :-).  Perfect!  All your pores are open and even shaving is better this way.

OK.  Now I move this over to Adobe Illustrator (for scaling and printing purposes):

Screen Shot 2013 07 17 at 9 43 29 AM

Oh, I wanted to add thick lines between the exercises:

Screen Shot 2013 07 17 at 9 44 26 AM

Now just print it out, cut it and hang it on the wall :-).  What could be easier, right?  The hard part, of course, is to stick to the workout routine now.  Here’s a PDF for you if you wish.  Should be editable in Illustrator [if you have it] and printable in Acrobat: 2013-30_weeks_kettlebell.pdf

One more photo to add to my cell :-)


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