YAY! First snow in Philadelphia, 2017

I’ve spent large part of my life in Moscow, Russia. Then there was Chicago. Now I’m in Philly. I like the weather here the best, by far. We actually get a winter! But this “winter” only lasts a few days… Friday there was a big scare about the forthcoming major storm. Saturday it snowed a bit (like 5-6 inches). Today, Sunday, everything is almost completely melted. BUT we did have show so let’s take a few photos of whatever snow is left for us to take photos of :)

I love the contrast of virgin fluffy snow on the evergreens.

On the grass, too. See, we have full vegetation here so this is not really a real winter.

Flowers are prepped for 2018.


Trees are completely barren now. Hey, feels like winter, right?!

Still, there is the nasty reminder from the Fall that she was there and she didn’t fully leave yet” puddles of rotting leaves. Great!

Doors are now getting new decorations for Xmas. Yay!

And Happy Hanukkah, too.

The ram… is not amused about the tiny snowmen.

The icicles are amazing in this tiny corner here.

Just looks at the intricate patterns on the ice… and please ignore my girlfriend’s really scary gloves. In real live they look fine, just the close-up looks like some dangerous spider.

Compared to Chicago, Philly residents to really have limited skills in snowman construction… :)

Parks are looking gorgeous.  Too bad this will all disappear in a few days.

AHA! Protesters!

This time it’s meat… they are passing out “go vegan” pamphlets, too. The the V-face, though??  I’m OK with y’alls being vegan… go right ahead!

WOW! Septa decorated a bunch of busses and put them in front of Macy’s. This is pretty great!

There’s the Santa bus!


OK. Long walk. Nothing like a cup of nice warm tea after miles of the icy city.

Great snowed-in day. Hopefully we’ll have at least a few more of these this year.



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