Walking around Philly on New Years Eve

Nice to walk in the city.  I love cities.  Philadelphia is especially nice, most of the year.  This is December 31st, 2016, and the weather is perfect for a nice brisk walk around the city with your camera. Well, here it goes.

Great sky for taking photos

Photos of winter destruction, that is

Or the cute trash-collection boxes, or whatever-the-fuck this is

Nice day to take your kids out, too

Out to a beautiful local park

Where your kids can play with toys someone else’s kids forgot

Post-Christmas time is nice, full of decorations

Philly in winter still feels like late fall, to me

Doesn’t it, though?  This is late fall, not really winter :-)

Good day to practice your juggling skills, too, right?

Or take your dogs out for a walk?!

Or look at postcards of grumpy cats?!

Of mittens of happy cats…

Or buy soap that looks like hummus… Seriously, people, this is fucking soap!!  No, I’m not kidding!  Also, tastes like regular soap… I do not recommend eating it.

Beautiful day for a walk in the wintry city.  Especially nice to look at these photos in the summer :-)



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