Thanksgiving day at the Christmas Village in Philly

Getting ready to fatten-up later today? Yeah, me too… Everything is closed in the city! Everywhere there are signs “Open 7pm” or “Open 8pm”. Aha! So it’s fatten up and then go out drinking and shopping. Gotcha.

The Christmas Village is open, though, as promised, right on Thanksgiving day :-). Not just open… it’s jam-packed with tourists and suburbanites with kids. Barely any space to even breathe.

It’s at the old Love Park, if you didn’t know.

Lots of useless stuff here.

The $9 Christmas mugs are flying off the shelves. Nice profit for these guys!

Kids seem to be enjoying the cacophony of colors here.

Tons of overpriced sugar.

And lots of waaaay overpriced trinkets.

And edible works of art. Also overpriced :)

The new pavement of the Love Park (or whatever it’s going to be called now). Looks like some thought went into the new design.

This is where the old LOVE statue used to be.

The stores are placed everything there is a square inch of space. Ready for the tourists.

And looks like the skateboarders are going to have to find some other place to hang: there are no good surfaces here. Not yet, anyway.

Back at the City Hall, there is a nice British couple selling delicious Turkish-inspired treats at $21/lb.

The carousel action is in full-swing.

Oh, and my favorite impersonator is back. He keeps on saying “Hey! Are you excited for my birthday?”

Macy’s, too, is very festive.

Of course, closed until 7pm, but that doesn’t stop everyone from enjoying their holiday displays.

Yes. Festive. That’s a good word for today.

Enjoy your turkey and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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