Test drive of Sony RX100 V in the wild of Philly

Alrighty.  It’s Halloween and I have Sony RX100V that I’ve rented for a few days to test drive. I’m actually after its video performance (which is superb!) but today I decided to take it out for a “ride” as my regular photowalk camera. Let’s see how it does. Conclusion: not so good. It’s not horrible, but it is not any better than my FujiFilm X70. actually, a little bit worse. No complaints about the camera itself, just THIS camera for ME. If you are considering to get one, I suggest you, too, go and get one rented for a bit. It’s worth it!

Set in the burst shooting mode (which was probably a mistake), I take about 10-30 photos every time I press the shutter. I ended up with 475 photos here and filtered it down to 29… Just deleting crap took forever… I’ll put it in single-shot mode next time. Aperture priority, RAW images, turned out nicely.

I’m running in Aperture priority mode, with everything else on auto. Camera is very fast—I like it.

Good depth

It’s fast as hell! This was about 20 photos of the runner.

Zoom out…

Zoom in… Excellent.

Follow the biker and make about 30 burst shots. A few turn out OK. Not bad, for a camera that is barely bigger than my phone :)

You can get pretty close to the subject, too.

Good low-light performance, too.

I can’t seem to figure out the way Sony’s auto-focus picks its subject…

I like the colors.

I am loving the flip screen but would somehow prefer if it was a touchscreen? No? I can’t really decide…

Yeah, the colors are pretty accurate…

Fall mess is a good place to see the camera’s capabilities and I am liking the Sony processor.

Autofocus freaks out with these kinds of shots.

Street landscapes are just-right, no complaints there.

Ahh… My favorite alleyway. Camera handles high contrast pretty well here, too.



I like the Gentleman and the Tramp over there :)

Darkish bar. No problems there!

No HDR here. The camera, by itself, does quite well.

Greens and oranges are quite accurate.

And the camera is VERY fast (to take photos are I am walking).

Takes the contrast well.

Yep. We have the sky and the shadows—all here.

Again, consistently excellent color rendition.

Great in low-light.

And excellent in almost direct sunlight.

After 475 photos (condensed to 29) I can say that Sony RX100 V can be a great travel camera. I would not use it as my only camera, but as a travel one this is a very worthy competitor to my Fujifilm X70. In my opinion, the biggest advantage and disadvantage over X70’s fixed prime lens is the zoom on the Sony: due to its motorized nature, I have to wait for the camera to turn on and off while Fuji is nearly instantaneous! Yeah, have to turn on/off all the time because otherwise I’d have to deal with replacing the battery all the time.  Oh, by the way, 475 shots and the battery was 3/4 full… Just saying :)

If you’re thinking of a great compact, I could not make a better recommendation at this moment in time.

Cheers and happy shooting!


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